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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ATLANTIC 29 800 - Moser 2007

photos Atlantic: J.Kvíz

ATLANTIC- drinking set
This timeless tumbler set by Petr Vadura as if aimed to recall poetry and luxury of journeys between Europe and New York. On one hand, the bar set primarily draws on the atmosphere of the 1930s and it is a lightened reminder of the then sophisticated elegance when speaking of style. On the other hand, it wishes to be a symbol of contemporary luxury and new voyages on all the world seas. You can move from a terrace into basket chairs on the terraces of seaside hotels at the sunset. Flames of candles will reflect in the cut facets of both clear and colour glasses of the set Atlantic and they will glimmer with the tones of exotic cocktails, white rum, green mint, fruit juices, lemon and orange slices. There are no bounds set to your imagination and your dreams. The tumblers of the set Atlantic will be your permanent “invitation for travels” even in your home.” (text Moser)

available colours: clear and basic Moser colours

Friday, January 4, 2008

OP ART 31 10 - Moser 2007

vase OP ART

large and small

The name OP-ART is another opportunity for Petr Vadura to bring optical effects to play. They appear in part of his artistic work. As for this vase, in contrast to other author’s objects, optical effects are geometrically lined up as they usual in graphic works of artists who brought fame to op-art. “The black-and-white” play of optical illusions is transformed in glass in a sandblasted matt surface inscribed with clear circles with lenses. The whole has an effect of an infinitely multiplying décor which is a sparkling memory of “swinging London” or “black-and-white” New York of the 1960s at the same time. (texte Moser)

LAMPION 31 16 - Moser 2007

vase Lampion

The vase Lampion (Chinese lantern) was designed by Petr Vadura as one of the objects which are inspired by incentives and heritage of the Eastern cultures. Specifically here, they come from China and Japan where lampions originated. The author gives the rhythm to a simple and pure form through a play of asymmetrically decreasing horizontal cuts in combination with large lenses. The lenses symbolize here light emanated in a circle. It suffices to look into one of the lenses to understand that in the very center of the object there is a small focus of blending optical effects. Something is going on here. The same way as a calm candle flame lights up in the middle of the Chinese lantern, there is life here, too. This object is an everlasting balance between statics and movement.(texte Moser)

MOON 31 15 - Moser 2007

Moon bowl

The bowl “Moon“ with its theme ranks among the vases series named after planets which Petr Vadura has been designing for the Moser glassworks. “Moon” is the second element of the set. Just like “Sun”, the “Moon” vase draws on the legacy of the so-called jardiniere dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. Both vases concur in their shapes on purpose and they can complement one another as a suitable decoration. The vase will twice remind you of the moon symbolically. A half-round shape of the whole which is highlighted with similar cutouts in the upper edges is a groin, a reminder of the waxing crescent or waning moon. Large round lenses are a symbol of the full moon. “Moon” is a spontaneous fusion of poetry with the object function that is with the search for magic in everyday moments.(text Moser)

VERA 29760 - Moser 2005

Vera cut glass and Vera cut glass with gilded rim
photo J.Kvíz

drinking suite

Vera detail
cut glass
photo J.Kvíz

VERA 29760 - Moser 2005

Vera cut and Vera gilded rim

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vase Floating World
unique piece of art
champagne flute Vera

Moser Prague


Vera suite by Petr Vadura (glass)
(porcelain Herend)
shopwindow :

Moser Prague- Na Prikope 12
Prague 1
tel: +420 224 211 293

VERA -comes from the Latin word Vera, which stands for something true, genuine and real. This is a drinking set designed by Petr Vadura, too. He characterizes his inspiration with the following words: "I was born in Prague and as many of its natives I have carried a bit of its history in myself. I have become convinced that the best way how to learn the real truth is to have the magic of inspiration connected with "my Prague" work without any constraints. I wanted to make a little of the magical goblet gold glistening in the twilight of a still-life with a bowl brimming over with grapes and pomegranates. However, the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries was just one of the flashes of inspiration. At the same time I added to the goblet a few "drops" of the Secession Prague in motifs as well as some of the geometrical rigor character of the 1920s and the absolutely light and contemporary contours. The totally modern impression created by the set in its more simple versions proves its dateless character and is perhaps a statement about author´s effort to interpret his aesthetical truth in this set theme in the purest form possible." The Vera pattern is available in a collection of various pieces to decorate your tastefully laid table. Included are stemware and barware. Vera can by complemented by a wide, distinctively gilded or platinum decoration. (text Moser)
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Moser Prague
Staromestské nám. 603/15
Prague 1
tel: + 420 221 890 891

ALL THE JAZZ 3057 - Moser 2005

vase All the Jazz
(limited edition)


vase Moïra detail
vase Moïra
unique piece of art
(private collection)
Moser 2007
photo J.Zvolanek

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